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E-tec Company Profile

The E-tec factory was founded in 1973 for the production of precision pins for the watch industry.

As of the 1980’s the company expanded it’s business into manufacturing of precision pin connectors for the electronics industry (IC sockets, board-to-board connectors) and in 1993 E-tec set-up it’s own operations in Taiwan in order to enhance the product range with stamped pin products (PLCC, Pin headers, Female headers, D-Sub’s, Switches, etc.).

In 2001 E-tec transferred certain labor intensive productions to its new production plant in Mainland China. With over 40 years experience in connector manufacturing, E-tec has set-up it’s own sales network in Europe & Asia, as well as established distributors and representatives in most countries around the world.
E-tec offers flexibility for custom specific products and delivers standard and custom products starting from 0.30mm pitch upwards. We offer short delivery times from prototype to large volume productions.
Thanks to our in-house product development department and production sites in Switzerland, Taiwan and Mainland China we aim to offer a solution to all your problems.

As a fully approved ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer, quality assurance is an essential part of our production process, since our main objective is to offer products which correspond to the highest quality standards. 

E-tec Interconnect

E-tec Interconnect Switzerland

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